Cleaning improvements in the village

A new cleaning schedule will be introduced as of 1st December 2020 in the village in order to improve the general tidiness and cleanliness of the village.  The key features of this are:

  • Cleaning will be carried out on a daily basis, ensuring there is no build up of litter
  • Cleaning will be split into zones with each of the street cleaners having responsibility for designated areas.  If residents have any concerns about cleaning, please contact the Parish Clerk with location and details of the concern and these will be addressed.
  • The playing field and playgrounds will be included in the cleaning schedule going forward.

The Youth Project are currently working on a anti litter campaign to encourage everyone to take responsibility for keeping Gilberdyke a lovely place to live in…. further details to follow.

Councillors will once again like to thank Terry and Chris for all their ongoing hard work in keeping the village tidy.