Jubilee Pond Fishing Permit Scheme

The Parish Council owns the Jubilee Pond at Gilberdyke and takes its responsibilities as custodians of this lovely asset very seriously.  Cllrs want to ensure the facility is preserved and looked after for the benefit of the community, both now and into the future.  It is therefore proposing to introduce a Permit Only Fishing Scheme at the Jubilee Pond from November 2020.  This is in response to concerns raised about the types of fishing being carried out and also the behaviour of a very small number of those fishing.  The permits are free, but anyone fishing at the pond in the future will need to have this permit which will have to be shown to the bailiff if asked for.  Children under 16 fishing at the pond at this stage are not required to have a permit.

Anyone not having a permit or behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave the pond and if they refuse, the matter will be referred to the police (who the Parish Council has taken advice from and worked with on the creation of the scheme).  There will obviously be a ‘honeymoon period’ during which if someone hasn’t a permit on the first time of asking, they will be advised of how to obtain a permit and be expected to have the permit the next time they visit the pond.  The honeymoon period does not apply to anyone fishing inappropriately or engaging in anti-social behaviour.

Cllrs will review the scheme in 6 months time and reserve the right to make changes subject to any lessons learnt over the period.

The permit scheme can be found here – Gilberdyke Parish Council Fishing Conditions Form Website