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Christmas Event in Gilberdyke

The Parish Council has received another letter from Father Christmas

He would like to thank you to everyone who asked for a small gift this year and he is looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday 19th December – he will have a number of surprise guests with him as he goes around!!!!!!  We shall commence at 3pm and (roughly) follow the route below

Important Safety Message

Grown-ups, please tell your kids that due to the nasty germs unfortunately they will not be able to hug Father Christmas or shake his hand this year and must not come up close to him

When we reach your street, Santa’s helpers will knock on the doors of the children who have requested a gift and leave this on the doorstep…. If you are in, please feel free to come out and see us, but Grown-ups, please keep your kids in your gardens – you are welcome to take photos but Father Christmas and guests must keep their distance.

Father Christmas’s helpers will be all wearing masks and sanitizers their hands regularly as we walk around.

Please ensure your family and all involved in this occasion are kept safe by observing the above measures during these difficult times

Father Christmas route

Clementhorpe lane

Bellasize park

The Paddock

Westbrook road

Flaxmill Walk

Station road

Greenacre Park

Laburnam Walk


Ash Drive

Holly Grove

Hawthorn Way

Hazel Crescent,


chestnut drive,


Chapel Garth

Scalby Lane

Hansard Drive

willow green

Linden Close

chapel meadows

Manor Drive,

Bishop Court.

(out onto A1230)

Pemberton Villas


the peppercorns, main road

Carlton Villa

(on into Sandholme)

Fairview Close

Sandholme Park

Sandholme close

Sandholme road

(Back into main village and last stop at )

Hewitts Cottages