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Gilberdyke Playground (November 5th Lockdown Update)

In accordance with Government guidance the village playground will remain open for the foreseeable future.  Gilberdyke Parish Council has created a risk assessment to minimise risk of the transmission of Covid-19.  However, it is impossible to entirely remove all risk and therefore anyone using the playground does so at their own risk and must take personal responsibility for their (and their children) well-being by observing the following measures.

Gilberdyke Parish Council will monitor the situation and if Cllrs feel the following risk assessment measures are not being observed, it will not hesitate to close the playground again.  The following measures are in place to mitigate risk to the public

  • if you or any member of your household has coronavirus symptoms or are self-isolating, then you must not visit our playground
  • no more than 10 people should be in the playground at any time and try and limit your visit to one hour to allow others to use the playground especially when busy
  • only one parent / guardian should enter the playground to supervise their child or children and only children from the same household or bubble should use a piece of play equipment at the same time
  • you and your children should stay at least 2 metres apart from others unless they are from the same household or bubble – or 1 metre if you are wearing face coverings
  • sanitise your children’s hands before and after they use the equipment – scientific advice suggests that the virus can survive for up to several days on some hard surfaces. It is recommended you sanitise hands after using each piece of equipment in the playground
  • there should be no eating or drinking while in the playground and encourage children to avoid putting their mouths on equipment, their hands in their mouths, or to touch their face
  • leave the playground clean and tidy for others, take your litter home with you or put it any bins provided

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Parish Clerk on gilberykeparishclerk@yahoo.com

 Updated for November 2020 Lockdown