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Improvements to Street Cleaning in the Village

Following a number of complaints about the amount of litter in the village, the Parish Council has reviewed its street cleaning provision and how improvements can be made.  As you will know the PC employees two cleaners Terry Wilcox and Chris Johnson to ensure the village remains tidy and a nice and safe place to live in, and over the past few weeks has been consulting with Terry and Chris on what can be done to improve matters.  With effect from 1st December, the following measures will be put in place:

1  Terry and Chris will work each day to ensure that litter is not allowed to build up and any litter is cleared up as soon as possible.

2  The playing field will be added to the cleaning schedule going forward acknowledging this is a source of much litter which is then blown around the village.

3  The village will be split into ‘zones, and Terry and Chris will be responsible for a Zone for a period of six months after which they will rotate – this way if there are any concerns raised, we can ask the relevant cleaner to address – the zones are (click on link)  Cleaning Zones Gilerdyke Parish Council

The Parish Council also needs to do some work encouraging everyone to use the litter bins provided across the village and will shortly be working with the Youth Project to carry out an anti litter campaign

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If you have concerns with letter in the village going forward, then please let the Parish Clerk know so this can be addressed.

We hope everyone will support the Parish Council and our Street Cleaners in keeping our lovely village clean and tidy. and Cllrs would like to thank Chris and Terry for all their excellent hard work to achieve this aim.