Dates of (Ordinary & Annual) Parish Meetings to be held in 2020

Parish Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Memorial Village Hall*, commencing at 7.00pm.  Unless advised otherwise on the monthly agenda, all meetings are open to the public and residents are most welcome to attend to see how the Parish Council works on their behalf.

* Covid Update:  As of 1st August 2020, due the pandemic, Parish Meetings are held remotely to protect Cllrs and the public.  Details on how to attend these meetings can be obtained from the Parish Clerk at the point the monthly meeting notice and agenda is posted.


Tuesday, 14th January 2020


Tuesday, 11th February 2020


Tuesday, 10th March 2020


Tuesday, 14th April 2020 –


Tuesday, 12th May 2020 Note:  The Annual General Meeting will be held prior to the Ordinary Meeting


Tuesday, 09th June 2020


Tuesday, 14th July 2020


Tuesday, 11th August 2020


Tuesday, 08th September 2020


Tuesday, 13th October 2020


Tuesday, 10th November 2020


Tuesday, 8th December 2020



Gilberdyke Parish Council Launch a new Youth Project

Following the dissolving of the Newport and Gilberdyke Youth Project in August, Gilberdyke Parish Council is very pleased to announce it is establishing a new Youth Project in order to continue to work with young people in the area and provide them with a service which provides entertainment, fun, guidance and opportunity.  The new project will be spearheaded by Gemma Wallace and Fiona Rainforth who were involved in the previous scheme, and Cllrs are confident that their considerable experience and knowledge will ensure the new project is a roaring success.

These are early days for the Project and there is much to do – the Parish Council will review the project on a regular basis, measuring its success and ensuring it is fit for purpose and a formal review is scheduled in six months time to determine the future of the project.

Our Mission statement can be found here Youth Project Mission Statement

We hope everyone will agree a Youth Project is a valuable asset for the community and Cllrs are both excited and proud to be proving the opportunity for this to happen.  A key aspect of the new project will be to listen to young people themselves in what they want out of the project, and we shall keep everyone up to date on our progress.  This website has a dedicated page for the Youth Project and also a Facebook Page, both of which we shall use to update the community.

Format of Parish Council Meeting during the Pandemic

In light of continued guidance and advice from regional Local Government bodies (including ERYC) with regard to Coronavirus, for the foreseeable future Parish Meetings will be held remotely (on-line) and managed by Zoom in order to protect Cllrs and the public.  This will be discussed and reviewed by Cllrs at each Parish Meeting.

Meetings are still held the second Tuesday in each month and commence at 7pm.  These meetings are still open to the public and anyone wishing to join a meeting should contact the Clerk for directions on how to do this prior to the meeting (at the point the notice is posted).

You will need access to a PC / Laptop or similar desktop device.  A smartphone can be used, but connectivity may not be as good.  If you have any questions please contact the Clerk on or 07749 387757