Justin moved to Gilberdyke in 2017, and so is a relative newcomer to the village, although he has already decided he’ll be settling here for a good long while. He’s already met quite a lot of residents across both Gilberdyke and Newport, although few would recognise his face as he’s more often seen patrolling the villages dressed as a stormtrooper. Yes, this is that mad fool.

    When not defending the Empire of Gilberdyke from rebel scum Justin is a teacher of computer science at Newland School for Girls, in Hull. No, that doesn’t mean he’ll fix your computer for free or help you get on that interweb thingy.

    In his spare time Justin is a keen programmer, runs a popular YouTube channel, and writes books for both children and adults. He has one teenage son who has a better social life than he does, and can trace his family tree back to Sir Warinus de la Strode who fought in the Battle of Hastings. On the winning side.

    He is also frequently found writing about himself in the third person.