The effects of littering at Jubilee Pond, Gilberdyke

Gilberdyke Parish Council believes that residents of the parish are rightly proud of the Jubilee Pond facility in Gilberdyke. The site provides fun and enjoyment to a range of users and is home to a wide variety of wildlife, insects and plants.

Recently, there have been a small number of incidents where some users have not respected the environment or the wildlife that live there. Leaving litter and discarding fishing lines and hooks risks injuring or killing both the wildfowl and the fish.

The Parish Council urges all users of Jubilee Pond to be vigilant for discarded items and to dispose of them using the waste bins provided. However, please do not take any unnecessary risks. Do not enter the water under any circumstances.

Individuals who behave in a manner likely to endanger the lives of wildlife or engage in anti-social behaviour will be reported to the Police and/or East Riding of Yorkshire Council and may be prosecuted.

If you see an animal in distress please contact the RSPCA at