Anti-Social Behaviour update

This update informs you of the interventions used between 1 April and 30 September 2023, including details of the number of calls received, by the ERYC Anti-Social Behaviour team during this period, the number of neighbourhood watch groups and the number of requests received for community projects.

As we approach Christmas, the ERYC Anti-Social Behaviour Team would like to pass on a few tips on staying safe and reducing the risk of burglaries.

  • Don’t leave presents under your Christmas tree if they are visible from windows or doors.
  • Never keep large amounts of cash at home.
  • Make sure you keep your doors and windows locked at all times.
  • Keys should always be kept out of sight and not left in doors or in view of windows.
  • Make your house look occupied, use a timer switch to operate lamps as it starts to get dark, leave a radio on.
  • Don’t open the door to anybody you don’t recognise. Not sure? Don’t open the door!

Burglars know that households may have new and often expensive, items in their homes following the Christmas holidays, especially items such as new technology such as tablets or laptops, mobile phones, music systems, televisions, cameras and other electronic equipment. In many cases, residents make it easy for burglars to figure out which homes to target by putting boxes that identify their new gifts in plain view with their other rubbish.
Avoid becoming an easy target for post-holiday burglars by not leaving boxes for new electronic equipment and other items outside your wheelie bin.

  • Break down any boxes you are throwing out and put them in rubbish bags and place them inside the wheelie bin or take them to your local household recycling site
  • With computer equipment, you might consider keeping the boxes for safe storage or moving in the future. Would they be useful as storage boxes?
  • Think about keeping broken-down boxes inside in a garage or loft.
  • Further information on crime prevention, including how ERYC offer support to residents, is
    available here

If you require any further information, please get in touch with the ERYC Anti-Social Behaviour Team.