Grant Application

Grant Application

Gilberdyke Parish Council awards grants to voluntary organisations and community groups that, in the opinion of the Council, are in the interests of the parish and will benefit residents in a manner commensurate with the expenditure and where financial need is demonstrated.

All applications will be considered on their individual merits. The final decision on assessment of applications and the level of any award offered lies with the Council.

Applications for grants between £501 and £10,000 open on 1 April and close on 30 June.

Applications for grants of £500 or below open on 1 September and close on 31 November.

The easiest way to apply is using the online form below. Please ensure that you have read the Grant Guidance Notes before starting your application.


    Your name

    Name of your organisation

    Name of your organisation's project (if this is different)

    Your position in the organisation

    Your address, including your full postcode

    Your telephone number

    Your email address


    What type of organisation are you?

    Additional information (charity registration number, company number or more details if you ticked "Other")

    When was your organisation established?

    Briefly describe the purpose of your organisation. If you are a new organisation, describe the services or activities you plan to provide.

    If you are a subsidiary of a larger organisation, please enter the name of that organisation.

    If your organisation has an agreed Constitution or Memorandum of Association please upload a copy here

    If you have applied for and received funding from Gilberdyke Parish Council in the past please provide details of the amount, the year and briefly describe what the funding was used for.


    Describe the project, service or activity you plan to use this grant for, including specifics about what you will do and how you will do it.

    What is the time scale for your project, service or activity?

    Please state how you know that the people in your community want this project, service or activity and what difference you hope the grant will make.

    Describe the anticipated benefits to your organisation and to this parish if this project, service or activity is to go ahead

    How many people from the parish do you expect to benefit directly from your project, service or activity?

    What is the:
    total amount of funding you need for your project?

    amount of grant requested from Gilberdyke Parish Council

    Please provide an analysis of your calculations and upload any relevant estimates or details.

    If the grant awarded exceeds £500 a written report of how that money has been used must be provided to the Parish Council within six months of the grant being awarded.


    Please provide the following details from your most recent annual accounts:

    Total Income

    Less Total Expenditure

    Surplus / Loss

    Savings (Reserves, Cash, Investments)

    If the grant that you are requesting exceeds £500 then you must provide a copy of your most recent annual audited accounts or, in the case of newly established organisations, the projected income and expenditure for the next twelve months.

    Please provide your bank or building society account information:

    Name on account

    Name of bank or building society

    Sort code

    Account number

    Number of signatories

    You can only apply for grant if you have a bank/building society account in the name of your organisation. We will only pay grants into an account which requires at least two people to sign each cheque or withdrawal. These people should not be related.

    Applications for grants between £501 and £10,000 open on 1 April and close on 30 June.

    Applications for grants of £500 or below open on 1 September and close on 31 November.


    "I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, all the information in this application from is true and correct. I understand that you may ask for additional information at any stage of the application process."


    Please provide the name and contact details of a senior member of your organisation. For example, this may be your Chairperson, Treasurer or Secretary. It cannot be the same person who has completed the declaration.

    The Clerk will send them a copy of this application to counter-sign.


    Postal address

    Email address