Gilberdyke Parish Council CCTV Policy

Gilberdyke Parish Council operates CCTV for the purpose of providing deterrence against acts of vandalism, anti-social behaviour or theft. Where such acts occur, Gilberdyke Parish Council will use CCTV images and information to furnish the police with sufficient evidence to support a prosecution.

In order to maintain individual privacy, Gilberdyke Parish Council will blank out of CCTV images any residential properties within the field of view of the cameras and delete images and information after one week. No more images and information will be stored than that which is strictly required for the stated purpose above.

Access to images and information is restricted to the Clerk to Gilberdyke Parish Council, who will only access images and information where an incident has been formally reported to either:

  • The Police
  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • Gilberdyke Parish Council
  • The Environment Agency

The Clerk will then liaise with the relevant enforcement authority to establish that disclosure of the images and information complies with the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice before providing the relevant images and information. All images and information will be be deleted once their purposes have been discharged.

All enquiries and requests for information regarding Gilberdyke Parish Council’s CCTV should be directed to the Clerk.

Gilberdyke Parish Council will conduct an annual review of the application and use of CCTV images and information, the operational and technical effectiveness of the CCTV system, and these rules, policies and procedures, and publish the findings in an annual report.

All areas covered by CCTV operated by Gilberdyke Parish Council are covered by these rules, policies and procedures and will be clearly identified and publicised as such. These rules are available on the Parish Council website.