Notes of 22 August 2023 Jubilee Pond Working Group meeting


  • Lee Webster (Chair)
  • Helen Baker (Secretary)
  • Jake Wilde (Clerk to Parish Council)
  • Mike Whitley
  • Ian Young
  • Pete Buckle
  • John Boyes
  • Steve Page
  • Karen Young
  • Mark Lazenby
  • Kellie Hawksworth
  • Isabella Hawksworth

Updates on actions from last meeting and other updates.
The Wishing Well is now in place and all agreed this looked lovely. Thanks to Ian for helping to site it and to Mike for collecting with Lee. Plaques have been ordered as thanks to the couple who donated it and another to name the wishing well. The matter of the donation box was raised and Lee and Helen said they had discussed having 2 different padlocks and could have a key each so no one was able to access the money on their own.

Jake advised that the aeration pump in the pond should soon be working as the parish council had now agreed to purchase what was required for it.

Lee advised that Ian and Jane (who donated the wishing well) were now also going to make and donate a bug house and that Croda had said the group could have as many pallets as they wanted as long as we collected. These were to be used to make more bug houses initially.

After Lee speaking to Gilberdyke Garden Centre again, they have advised they are donating a large trellis planter for free. Briefly discussed where this was to be sited and initially was said that due to lack of time before delivery, it would be placed on the hard standing that is already there between the bin and the life ring in the triangular space near to Helen’s house. Karen suggested she could donate some large pavers to place this on and Ian stated he could get the base dug and pavers laid before the planter arrived on Friday. The group did not want Ian struggling to be doing this on his own but he said it was fine. Ian also offered some dark stain for the planter.

Helen reported she had contacted a Gilberdyke company that supply bird feed for some donations and had been sent a response confirming they would donate 3 hedgehog houses, 2 sparrow terraces, 2 swift boxes and a 20kg bag of duck and goose mix. The company wanted to be involved in the project and supporting the community, also to have photos of handovers etc to put on their own social media which was great.

The Island
John had done research to see what would be a suitable replacement for the island and within price range. Not many options were available and a pontoon style of island that had been previously discussed was not in the price range at all due to lots of regulations linked with the type of structure. John had contacted 2 other companies, one had not got back to him with exact figures and the other one had been excellent at providing information and quotes. The island quoted was 3m x 3m, came with a seed impregnated top covering and was a mesh and steel structure with floats and secure anchorage. This would be delivered and installed within 3 weeks of ordering at a cost of £2600 (which was over the group budget amount, however tax claimed back would allow for the slight overspend). John had images and descriptions to show the group. Pete and Ian said one could not be made for that price. All thanked John for researching this and seemed pleased with the construction of the island.

Decision re island
Mike suggested waiting until the following year to purchase the island. Vote carried out and majority was in favour of purchasing immediately and keeping the old island until after next year’s nesting season, just in case the geese still preferred to nest there.

Due to the amount in a single purchase, Jake had to check this with the parish council and would then order if all ok. Jake also advised that next year’s projects with an estimate of costings should ideally be put forward to the parish council to consider around November time

When/where to hold meetings
The Cross Keys was suggested to help to reduce costs now with the potential purchase of the island. Some group members felt it should still be held in the WMH for the sake of £12 in the small room. Jake also advised that parish council meetings should not be held in a public house. Meetings to continue in the WMH as weather cannot be guaranteed to hold them at the pond.

Additional discussion
Lee asked all members to mark on an aerial view of the pond where they thought were the best places to have reeds and lilies as this had been something popular with the community in the poll. This caused some differing discussion and water quality being perfect was brought up again by Pete but had no record of these figures with him again. Water testing kits were again a suggested purchase so the group had their own records of improvements hopefully in the water quality. It was suggested that the topic of reeds and lilies be put to vote. Majority voted to have reeds and lilies in the pond.

Date of next meeting
TBC 7-8pm in Gilberdyke WMH. Helen was unable to get onto the booking site to check for availability immediately.

Lee to arrange with Ian and Jane to fit the plaque on the wishing well.
Area to site planter from garden centre to be prepared and pavers laid by Ian prior to delivery on Friday 25th August.
Pete to provide the historic water quality readings so that this could be monitored as changes were carried out moving forwards. Possible purchase of testing kits.
Bug houses to be made with pallets from Croda and interior of bug house from Ian and Jane to be filled with appropriate types of materials. Helen to collect natural items and fill.
Helen to book an available Tuesday evening for the next meeting in about 1 month and Lee to advertise via facebook, Jake via PC website and Helen/Lee to update posters so all were aware.