Notes of Jubilee Pond Working Group meeting held on 14 November 2023


  • Lee Webster (Chair)
  • Helen Baker (Secretary)
  • Pete Buckle
  • Steve Page

Actions from last meeting

  • Lee praised the group for everything that had been accomplished and completed in a short time scale and said he was “proud of the group”.
  • New island successfully in place. Ducks seem to like being on it. Have eaten some vegetation but still a significant amount on there.
  • Helen sent an email to ward councillor Linda Bayram but has had no response.
  • Plaque ordered and received for J&J. Still to site.
  • A meeting has been had with GGC who will now have to wait until the next financial year to provide further donations. They are keen to support the project but have committed their budget allowance for this year.
  • Small logs are now surrounding the larger bug house at the Flaxmill Road end of the pond.

New updates

  • Logo confirmation was finally received from GGC prior to new management team in place and plaque is now sited on the donated planter. This has drawn lots of attention with people stopping to read it. Photos were sent to GGC.
  • The Wishing Well now has the donation box up and running for the Wildlife Alliance and Karen Young has made a lovely sign reminding people “don’t forget to make a wish” as they hopefully make a small donation. Lee showed this to the group.
  • The group has received an award from the Wildlife Trust which Lee showed to all and can be displayed at the site.
  • 1 of the hedgehog houses has been placed in the area that is left to re wild at the Station Road side of the pond. This has been disguised slightly with small, fallen branches to discourage anyone from disturbing or taking it. Neither of these have happened. No sign of anything in there at present but has not been looked in or lifted up, just in case. Helen has put a very small bowl next to the house and topping up with clean water regularly. The group thought the other 2 hedgehog houses should be sited now as it was nearly hibernation time.
  • Gilberdyke Garden Centre have advised that they need to clear their storage area and that if they come across anything that might be ok for us to use with a little bit of TLC or mending, they will let us know.
  • Pete provided water quality figures from a message on his phone (see figures below) These can be displayed in the notice board.
  • Pete was concerned that the island sits quite low in the water and was possibly too wet and not a solid enough surface to allow the geese to nest on. A discussion was had around possibly putting some small branches and/or straw on to the top of the island to try give a firmer base for the geese. The old island is still secured at the far side of the pond so the geese could still use that if they needed to. However, the old island may be too close to the bank for the geese to feel safe.
  • Discussed budget proposal submitted to P.C and the dilemma around quality against price and not knowing which way to go for the council. Discussed “picnic” benches proposed in budget and Jake’s response of needing hand washing facilities if people are actually eating on them. Advised the group that we had put forward a suggestion of wooden planters to try to separate the path area from the ducks/geese as some people found these intimidating when walking by and also to protect the ducks and geese from dogs attacking them, which has happened on a few occasions. Explained that Jake was hoping to apply for a grant to improve accessibility around the pond site so a fence/hedge may be able to be included in that. All agreed that a fence was not what was wanted but that a small box hedge may be nice and just sufficient.
  • The matter of too many ducks was raised again. Lee made the point again that the ducks have a right to be there and the only issues with them are the duck poo and the water quality, both can be solved to some extent by human solutions, one of which being the reeds, lilies etc in the pond to help with the water quality and getting the aeration pump working. Paths can be cleaned and this is something the P.C is hoping to begin doing soon as part of their safety responsibility at the pond.
  • Steve questioned what was happening with the reeds and lilies as he had missed a few meetings. Lee explained about the situation with the ill health of the original person but that Marr Grange Fish Farm in Gilberdyke had now offered to donate some if the group put them in themselves. Steve and Pete raised concerns about the lilies and Lee said these would be monitored but may not even take with the ducks and geese eating them. 
  • Councillor Nigel Wilkinson had been down to meet with Helen and Lee at the site and thought it was a wonderful place and asked to be kept up to date and to let him know if there was anything in particular he may be able to help with. Nigel advised he had lots of logs that he could deliver and just to let him know if we wanted any. Pete asked if we had contacted Cllr Bayram. Explained that I had emailed her but had received no response. 
  • Discussed possibly having some sort of choir/carol singing at the Wishing Well for a final event of the year. Helen had spoken to the minister at the methodist church but they did not have a choir but offered help if there was anything else they could do. Steve suggested to try contacting the school to see if they had a choir that may like to do an event. 
  • Lee advised that 1 resident had asked for a Christmas tree at the pond site but that we couldn’t afford one anyway as the budget had now gone. Also, the worry that no-one would help/donate items to decorate one. 

Date of next meeting

No further formal meetings to be held until next year as most jobs completed and no further budget. If anything else arose in the meantime, people could be contacted by phone or social media.


  • Helen to speak to Gilberdyke primary school regarding the possibility of a carol concert at the Wishing Well.
  • Site other 2 hedgehog houses.
  • Make the goose island surface drier and firmer prior to nesting season next year.
  • Decorate the Wishing Well for the festive season.
  • Repair duck ramps.
  • Await outcome of budget proposal and/or grant applications by Jake.


Dissolved Oxygen Sat = 83%

Dissolved Oxygen = 7.84mg/l

General Hardness = 120mg/l

Carbonate Hardness = 240mg/l

pH = 7.8

Nitrite = 0

Nitrate = 20 to 40mg

Ammonia = 0mg/l

Phosphate (PO3) = 0.25mg/l

TDS = 184

Quote at end of text message “all reasonable at time of testing”