Notes of Jubilee Pond Working Group (JPWG) meeting held on 24 April 2024

Parish Councillor Paul Bryan
Parish Councillor Pete Buckle
Parish Councillor John Robinson
Parish Councillor Sam Taylor-Dunn
Lee Webster
Ian Young

The Parish Clerk attended to provide clerical support to the JPWG and updates on Parish Council activities.

  1. Election of Chair for 2024/25
    Paul Bryan nominated Sam Taylor-Dunn. This was seconded by Pete Buckle and agreed by all present. Sam Taylor-Dunn then took the Chair.
  2. Schedule of meetings for 2024/25
    The Clerk suggested that meetings be held on the first Tuesday of every month, subject to change for room availability, bank holidays and demand. The meeting agreed the schedule.
  3. JPWG budget for 2024/25
    The Clerk advised the the Parish Council had allocated a budget of £1,000 for the 2024/25 year. Room hire costs were to come from that budget.
  4. Update of asset register
    The Clerk requested the JPWG’s help in updating the Parish Council’s Asset Register. A full inventory of items was provided.
  5. Update on the Parish Council’s plans for 2024/25
    The Clerk provided an update on the various aspects of maintenance work being undertaken at the site. Pete Buckle offered to sand and paint the lifebuoy stands. It was agreed that the lifebuoy stands should be painted in white to aid visibility.
    The Clerk also provided an update on the Jubilee Pond Improved Accessibility Project bid application to the UK Shared Prosperity fund. Once the formal agreement has been signed, further details of the work proposed will be shared in a public consultation, with input sought from residents regarding aspects of the project.
  6. Proposals for JPWG activities in 2024/25
    Pete Buckle proposed the following recommendation go to the Parish Council:
    “For the Council to take the pond back over.”
    This was seconded by Paul Bryan and carried by four votes to two.