Notice and Agenda for the January 2021 Parish Meeting

Notice & Agenda


Parish Councillors are cordially invited to a meeting of the above-named Parish which will be held on Tuesday, 12th January 2021 and which commences at 7.00 p.m.

In light of ongoing guidance from local government authorities / bodies with regard to Coronavirus, the above meeting will be held remotely and managed by Zoom – Any members of the public wishing to join the meeting should contact the Clerk for directions on how to do this





  1. Any Apologies received and Chair to confirm quorate
  2. Approval of Previous Month’s Minutes and Signing by Chair
  3. Any declarations of interests relevant to the meeting’s Agenda
  4. Financial Report and Accounts (subject to receipt of Bank Statement in time)
  5. Public participation (15 mins max, or 3 mins per person/topic)
  6. Any correspondence requiring discussing
  7. Planning Applications to be considered
  8. Matters arising – to consider new and on-going issues and decide further action if necessary:

Ongoing Items

8.1       Update on projects / budgetary issues regarding precept and budget for 2021/22 to include review of financial support for War Memorial Hall (All)

8.2       Update and discussion on current Project Plan (Clerk)

8.3       Update on new cemetery land and lease situation with associated road (All)

8.4       Update from project team re:  road safety B1230 (Cllrs Newsome, Woolass, Stevens, Buckle)

8.5       Update re:  issues of concern with Jubilee Gardens Development (All)

New Items

8.6      Cllrs to discuss possible transfer of bank accounts following concerns with NATWEST(All)

8.7       Cllrs to discuss playground inspection report and related actions needed (All)

8.8      Cllrs to confirm format of February 2021 Parish Meeting (Covid Emergency) (All)


  1. Reports:

9.1 GDLA

9.2 War Memorial Hall

Street Cleaner Vacancy

Thank you for all those who have applied for the above role.  This vacancy is now closed and an appointment has been made – details of this will follow shortly

Thank you

Christmas Event in Gilberdyke

The Parish Council has received another letter from Father Christmas

He would like to thank you to everyone who asked for a small gift this year and he is looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday 19th December – he will have a number of surprise guests with him as he goes around!!!!!!  We shall commence at 3pm and (roughly) follow the route below

Important Safety Message

Grown-ups, please tell your kids that due to the nasty germs unfortunately they will not be able to hug Father Christmas or shake his hand this year and must not come up close to him

When we reach your street, Santa’s helpers will knock on the doors of the children who have requested a gift and leave this on the doorstep…. If you are in, please feel free to come out and see us, but Grown-ups, please keep your kids in your gardens – you are welcome to take photos but Father Christmas and guests must keep their distance.

Father Christmas’s helpers will be all wearing masks and sanitizers their hands regularly as we walk around.

Please ensure your family and all involved in this occasion are kept safe by observing the above measures during these difficult times

Father Christmas route

Clementhorpe lane

Bellasize park

The Paddock

Westbrook road

Flaxmill Walk

Station road

Greenacre Park

Laburnam Walk


Ash Drive

Holly Grove

Hawthorn Way

Hazel Crescent,


chestnut drive,


Chapel Garth

Scalby Lane

Hansard Drive

willow green

Linden Close

chapel meadows

Manor Drive,

Bishop Court.

(out onto A1230)

Pemberton Villas


the peppercorns, main road

Carlton Villa

(on into Sandholme)

Fairview Close

Sandholme Park

Sandholme close

Sandholme road

(Back into main village and last stop at )

Hewitts Cottages

East Riding of Yorkshire Council launches Winter Grant Scheme

East Riding of Yorkshire Council launches Winter Grant Scheme


A discretionary grant scheme to help households struggling in the run up to Christmas has been launched.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has launched the scheme to support those most in need with the cost of food, energy (such as heating, cooking and lighting), water bills (including sewerage) and other essentials (such as sanitary products), warm clothing, soap, blankets, boiler service/repair, and purchase of equipment including fridges, freezers and ovens.

The Winter Grant Scheme is funded from one-off central Government funding announced on 10 November 2020 called the Winter Support Grant, which enables local authorities to provide financial support to those most in need this year.

To help ensure fairness of applications and access to the grant across the winter for those who need it, East Riding of Yorkshire Council will implement the Winter Grant Scheme as a discretionary scheme across multiple time periods until the one-off funding has been fully utilised.

Period one of the scheme will cover the period 1 November to 31 December 2020. Applications for period one will need to be received by Sunday, 20 December.

It is expected that the discretionary funding available will not be sufficient to provide support to all residents, therefore period one will target and prioritise support for the following:

  • to support households with children, where the applicant meets the criteria to entitle a child to free school meals
  • to support households who have claimed universal credit since 23 March and income is less than £16,000 annually
  • to support individuals who have a social care package and have seen an increase in their household food and fuel since 23 March 2020
  • to support individuals where their annual income is less than £13,600 annually.

Councillor Richard Burton, leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “This year has been extremely challenging for some of our residents and I am heartened that we have the Winter Grant Scheme available to support those in need.

“Knowing that this grant will make the difference of keeping children warm and well fed over Christmas, or offering those residents struggling to cope financially the peace of mind that they can manage a difficult winter, is an indicator that East Riding of Yorkshire Council continues to do all it can to support those in need at the end of an unprecedented year.”

For more information, criteria for the grants and how to apply, go to

Where residents may not be eligible for this grant, the council has a benefit eligibility checker, this can be used to see if you are entitled to other forms of financial support

The council also has an emergency assistance scheme available to residents who have had an interruption to their income and where they require support to remain in the community.

For more information, criteria of the grants and how to apply, go to


Contact Information

Rachel Palmer
Strategic Marketing Officer
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
(01482) 391470


East Riding Council Notice of Temporary Road Closure

ERYC have advised the Parish Council of the following temporary Road closure for Bellasize Lane, Gilberdyke
during the following period:
Thursday 17th December 2020 and Monday 21st December 2020

The road closure is necessary to enable the BT poling works to be carried out in a manner consistent with ensuring the safety of the public. The Order is valid for 18 months, but it is anticipated that the works will be completed within 5 days.

The Official Notice can be found by clicking here Notice

The Map can be found by clicking here  Map